Search Engine Marketing & Paid Campaigns

PPC or Pay Per Click campaigns are a quick method of advertising on search engines and other websites for guaranteed and good quality visits which would convert to sales.

You pay only when a user clicks on the advertisement and visits the websites. By advertising on search engines we ensure that the only customers who express an interest are shown and ad and visit the website. Further more it is possible to control the targeting of the ads to ensure that only the relevant target markets see the ads. This helps in maintain quality of visits and control the costs to acceptable levels. SEO can ensure top of the page rankings with a lot of effort and over a period of time, but PPC can do this instantly and at a suitable budget.

PPC also includes re-targeting networks, display networks and ads on social media.

  • Re-targeting helps in capturing customers who earlier did not convert and bring them back to the website as buying customers. Re-targeting can use text as well as display networks to help in building brand name and in convincing customers to return to the website.
  • Display Advertisements play a large role in brand building and helping in increasing the popularity of the brand. Attractive and Interactive ads can help in reaching out to more and more new users. Targeting can be controlled through multiple dimensions including geography, interests, age etc.
  • Advertising on Social media also helps in building the brand and spreading the word to new and more people. It can be a very effective way to increase popularity as many people spend a large time of their day browsing and participating on social media. Grabing the attention of users and improving their interactions can be easy with thoughtfully designed advertisments targeted at the relevant groups.
As a part of our SEM services, we do:
  • Campaign Setup and Management
  • Advanced Campaign and Bid Management
  • Landing Page Assistance
  • Placement Research
  • Conversion funnel optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Deep Product Integration