Welcome to Our Friday Knowledge Sharing Sessions – And Why We Do It!

written by hiveminds_dev

on May 6, 2020

As companies get used to online setups and teams work remotely without immediate access to brainstorming or in-person face to face ideation, the concept of knowledge sharing becomes critical during these changing times. Knowledge sharing is not only essential for internal communication between employees, it is extremely helpful in developing a more aligned, skilful and motivated workforce. For the management, it facilitates better decision-making, helps them build learning organization (through a learning routine) and finally, stimulates cultural change and innovation.              

Making the best use of organizations problem-solving experiences

Once an employee or team develops an effective solution to a problem, sharing that knowledge allows all members of the organization to use it in all similar future situations. It helps in minimizing redundant effort and maximizing efficiency. It saves a lot of time and money spent on learning tools that would otherwise take more additional effort, and it can significantly streamline work and boost learning and morale. 

Why knowledge sharing is Important

The ability to deliver the best solutions on time to clients is what sets any marketing team or agency apart. Sharing knowledge and inculcating innovation within the organization creates a platform for better ideas, better collaboration and group learning. This definitely helps in achieving better results as a team and results in clients who are happier and trust teams who are abreast of trends and are updated on what’s happening in the industry. 

How do we HiveMinders do it

Keeping this in mind Hiveminds started an initiative to conduct knowledge sharing sessions every Friday. The most impactful outcome is that teams are able to solve problems more efficiently with shared insights. It also provides a platform to employees to diversify their learnings with respect to the different types of clients, industries and facets of marketing itself. 

Our format is simple; an open discussion that takes place every Friday morning with a presentation summary of what’s going to be discussed that a rotational team owns up every week. This company-wide session is something every member of the Hiveminds family looks forward to in the week. Everyone has different experiences, information, different resources from where they personally learn and absorb knowledge and bring their learnings on client campaigns that lead to a fruitful knowledge sharing session. 


Tools we use working from home

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, it was a challenge for us as a team to carry on with the session every week as everyone was working from home. But like they say “Where there is a will, there is a way”, we as a team pulled this off with ease by introducing knowledge sharing session on digital platforms like 

  • Google slides
  • Zoom 


It allowed us to screen record the session and send it across without hampering the effectiveness. Everyone is given the freedom to record their respective learnings and share it with the training team who collates it and shares it with everyone

Few Glimpses of one of our recent sessions: 




Overcoming the challenges together as a team 

We have ensured that no knowledge goes wasted by maximizing the utilization of digital platforms to connect and streamline tasks efficiently.

The use of the right technology can help us stream content seamlessly and allow employees a central repository of valuable information, and allows for a way to share this knowledge. It also becomes a place to submit feedback and engage with others, which is so important right now as we all try to stay connected during a time of significant change in how we usually function as teams. 

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Stay Safe!