Hiveminds - Start Up Event

Fellow Entrepreneurs,

We had our first event on Mar 22nd and 5 startups participated in the same. It was a great start and we have more for you. [Check out feedback from first event towards the end]

Our next event:

Date: 12 April 2014.
Time: 10 am to 12:30 pm.
Registration: Invite Only, Free
Venue: Trinity Circle [Ice Cream Labs office] (tentative)

The focus will be market research, segmenting the market, identification of the customer and finding ways of targeting the customer. We will also go through some digital marketing channels in brief – SEO / Paid / Social / Email / Content Marketing.

Marketing experts from HiveMinds will spend individual time with each founder to help them understand the trade-offs of different marketing channels and also brainstorm with them on new ways of reaching out to each customer.

Register Here to attend

Feel free to send the form to other startup friends. 

We would hand pick 8 startups with similar markets for the Apr 12th event. We will notify you by Thursday with more details. If we cannot get you onboard for 12th we will inform you about the next event date and we can host you then.

How other founders found our previous roundup:

We are one of the most nascent startup in terms of marketing maturity. Absolutely enjoyed it. In fact it revealed to me the complexity involved and the need for such expertise to run a successful campaign. Thanks a lot to every body to came by, as the group was very friendly and encouraging.
~Melchi, Founder,


Very useful. A lot of concepts in marketing are also applicable for enterprise sales to our surprise. We have forgotten marketing for a long time and it’s a wake up call. We will start with leveraging our existing customers and increasing the ‘Multiplier effect’.
~Vimal & Ram, Founders,


We liked the session and it was time well spent for us. We liked the informal setup which kind of put us at ease. I wish I had a little bit more time to discuss. Hopefully we can catchup and discuss the same.
~Radhika & Radhakrishna,


I really appreciate what you’re doing with this. I think startups could really use marketing help (of any kind!). It would be awesome to make this a recurring thing.
~Akshitha G.,