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Fellow Entrepreneurs,

HiveMinds will conduct a training session and a workshop for founders to help them understand the basics of marketing. The workshop will have a theoretical and a practical aspect as the participants will understand the building blocks of marketing and take part in excercises to help them understand and identify their customer and target markets. Consultants from HiveMinds will spend dedicated time with each company guiding the founders on marketing and asnwering their questions.

The focus will be market research, segmenting the market, identification of the customer and finding ways of targeting the customer. We will also go through some digital marketing channels in brief – SEO / Paid / Social / Email / Content Marketing.

Our next event:

Date: 19 July 2014.
Time: 10 am to 12:30 pm.
Registration: Invite Only, Free
Venue: HiveMinds Office, Near Hyderabad Biryani (

Marketing experts from HiveMinds will spend individual time with each founder to help them understand the trade-offs of different marketing channels and also brainstorm with them on new ways of reaching out to each customer.

Register Here to attend

Feel free to send the form to other start-up friends.

We would hand pick 8 startups with similar markets for the July 19th event. We will notify you by Thursday with more details. If we cannot get you onboard for 19th we will inform you about the next event date and we can host you then.

How other founders found our previous roundup:

As a startup it is very difficult for us to decide what marketing strategy is the best suited for us as a lot of factors come into play. For us the issue was reaching the right audience with a low budget in a very competitive space. I was very impressed with your teams work. They had already studied our website before we arrived and had already made points on what we were doing right and wrong. They gave us logical explanations on what channels we need to use and what should be our realistic expectation. I also enjoyed the exercise of identifying the right channels for marketing. This was a simple exercise that was well put together and is currently being used as a guideline for our activities. You have a knowledgable team that is more than willing to help and share. We would surely recommend your services to others.
~Gautam, Founder,


The event hosted by HiveMinds gave us a great insight and lit up the path ahead in fields of marketing. This is a great initiative by HiveMinds and startups like ours where we are crowded with technical expertise but lack marketing sense, HiveMinds guided us. The personalized presentation for every start up which came was surprising and it was a great surprise. When someone else shows so much interest in your work and that too without any cost, kudos to the team. Great work.

We will definitely look to come back to HiveMinds for marketing consulting as you guys have impressed enough.
~Daanish, Founder,