Our client is an e-commerce portal which specializes in selling baby care and maternity care products. These products are targeted at new parents who live a fast faced professional life.

What We Delivered



Our client has a broad offering of 20,000 products from 500+ brands spread over 250+ categories.

When we got involved with them, their website was new and not optimised. The structure and URLs were not search engine friendly.
A new website was needed to improve usability, increase user-friendliness & to build trust in visitors.

Market Analysis

At the time of this case study being conducted, the company had four strong competitors in the market. Being a primarily offline market transitioning into cyberspace, most visitors were searching online to gather information but purchasing offline.

  1. Head keywords with significant search volumes were very few with the potential to contribute to only 20% to 30% of the traffic.
  2. Majority of the market were tail keywords with very low search volumes requiring a solution to optimize a large number of pages quickly.


A completely new strategy for optimization was required at this large a scale. Specifically, one that would quickly optimize many pages.


Experimenting with different kinds of optimization, we discovered that the ideal strategy was a mix of a small number of high volume keywords and a large number of low volume keywords. A mixed strategy of traditional keyword-focused optimization and innovative traffic focused optimization was developed. Through this customized package of solutions we: