Customer Centricity for a Digital Marketing Agency

October 14, 2016

“Customer Centricity” is the latest buzz-word in business world. It is as relevant to a banking organization, as it is relevant to a telecom company or an insurance firm. An IT services organization or a retail business needs it as much as a start-up. So, what exactly is customer centricity? A vision to put your […]

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How a Landing Page Should be?

A Landing is a must for any website as it would help to improve the conversion rate. Facts reveal that a good or an optimized Landing Pages will have a better conversion rate.  The below schematic shows how an optimized landing page will have an impact as far as conversion rate is concerned. All of […]

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How to successfully build an email list for your business?

Email Lists can be a huge contributor to your website traffic and conversions for your online business venture. However, email lists not only boost traffic to your site or improve conversions, but also help in retaining customers and overall improved sales figures. Therefore it is very important to build a quality email list. Here we […]

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URL Format and Restructuring

A perfect SEO is supported by various important factors. URL happens to be one among them. It should also be kept in mind that the URL must be user friendly. The URL that is completely keyword stuffed or which does not make much sense with user perspective will never gain any traction. URL Format For […]

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