Internet Usage in India

January 5, 2013

When we came up with this blog, one of our main aims was to create atleast 1 post on marketing and market insights every week, but with work and client and target demands the 1 post in a week has become 1 post in a blue moon. To break the vicious cycle, I decided, when […]

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Rocketing Growth

May 9, 2012

Update: People speak – how did Jabong get there, will it sustain? Ashish Sinha did an interesting post on yesterday on jabong’s growth and their team, their execution. I know not much about the team or quality to vouch but I am definitely amazed by what they have been able to do with their traffic. It just sky […]

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Marketers’ Metamorphosis

May 7, 2012

So here we have another SEO blog! Like there aren’t enough of those already… truthfully speaking there aren’t enough SEO blogs. SEO or SEM, today, has grown to a very vast field. It is not singularly about optimising your website to capture traffic. It’s broadened to become a whole new field of online marketing. From […]

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