COVID19 Impacts Search: Analyzing Google Trends & Google Search Console to identify New Search Patterns

written by hiveminds_dev

on April 3, 2020

Everyone is curled up in their homes because of the pandemic that has taken the world by storm.

A slump in demand, disruption in supply chains and travel constraints have all led to a sharp fall in revenue globally and India too has faced the brunt of this crisis.

And because human behavior reflects search, SEO metrics of all industries are seeing a huge change.

For example, we saw that impressions for ‘online’ based terms spiked in industries that majorly rely on foot traffic and E- commerce websites selling essential goods such as food and products such as sanitizers, masks, thermometers witnessed a huge spike in their overall traffic.

As SEO’s we need to respond accordingly.

We encourage you to spend time reviewing Google trends and Google Search Console to identify any search patterns that are getting more attention lately.

We were able to look at the data Google Search Console data for a few of our clients across multiple verticals.

Online Pharmacy


‘n95 mask buy online

Impressions(Mar 16-23) 9,834
Impressions (Mar 24-31) 31,618 3x Increase

Similarly, impressions for ‘online medicine’ has increased by 2x.

To ascertain whether this sudden spike can be attributed to the current situation or is just a cyclic phenomenon, examine the google trends for the aforementioned search terms.
It is evident from the google trends plot for the search terms ‘Medicine online’ and ‘N95 mask buy online’ that the interest over time for both these search terms follow a similar trend.


Jewellery Industry



As the stock market falls, interest on Gold increases. We have noticed this in Google trends and our client’s GSC data.

Gold rate today

Impressions(Mar 1-15) 14,483 2x Increase
Impressions(Mar 16-30) 23,750

Online Meat Industry



The number of impressions for the search term ‘Chicken online’ has grown by 1.5x in just 1 week.

Method Used to Identify Trending Patterns in GSC -

  • Select the Performance report under the search results tab.
  • Compare the week on week data by setting the date range accordingly.
  • Look for queries with a sudden spike in search volume.
  • After reviewing all such search terms, incorporate them into your web pages or consider creating new pages if you can add more unique and helpful content on that subject.
  • Stay tuned for more updates from us, and very importantly,
    Stay Safe!